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MOJOKAII® Shaker - For Gaming Boosters

MOJOKAII® Shaker - For Gaming Boosters

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Only with the right shaker will it be the perfect gaming booster! That's why we have the Mojokaii Shaker for you. It not only looks cool but, with your help, also mixes frothy drinks.
Thanks to the sieve insert, your booster is shaken perfectly and the powder dissolves perfectly.

A little hint: if you use milk instead of water, the Gaming Booster will be outrageously creamy.

Try that on Mojo Latte and Dragon Flower!

By the way: the shaker not only cuts a great figure in your gaming setup, but also in fitness, sports, hiking or in the office.
So that it can accompany you everywhere, it is particularly robust and leak-proof.

Of course, the plastic is free of plasticizers, i.e. BPA-free.

The semi-transparent Mojokaii shaker has a milliliter scale. So you can easily measure the desired amount of water or milk. Up to 750 milliliters of liquid fit in.
Washing up not your thing? It doesn't have to! Because with the fixed logo imprint, the shaker can go in the dishwasher.
And if you prefer to wash your shaker by hand? Disassemble it very easily into its 3 individual parts - rinse - dry - done!


* Take the measuring spoon out of the can.
* Mix the 10 grams of powder with 500 milliliters of water in the Mojokaii shaker
* Enjoy the end result and make us proud with your performance!

Our shaker has a sieve insert and shakes everything up nicely.

Zubereitung: 500ml Wasser mit 10g Mojokaii mischen, dann im Shaker schütteln und fertig ist der Mojokaii Gaming Booster

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